Unusual Conversations

What do you usually not get to talk about?

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Unusual Conversations asks just one question “What do you usually not get to talk about”. On most interview podcasts, you talk about what you’re known for, an expert at etc. For me, that’s technology, but there are topics that people don’t usually ask about that also generate interesting conversation. So that’s why it’s called Unusual Conversations, because the conversation on the podcast should be not-usual for you. It’s not an interview podcast, it’s more of a conversation. Set your topic and we have a chat! No 20 questions from me. If I know about the topic, we’ll talk about it, and if I don’t, maybe you can teach me about it and I’ll learn something.

Generally podcasts go for 45 minutes – 1 hour, though they can go longer. Sometime podcasts I’ve done in the past have gone for 2 hours, because we got so into the conversation we lost track of time.

The other bonus is this is a platform where you’ll probably be exposed to a different audience and we’ll be talking about different things than usual for you, which should be interesting for your own network of people as well. We will quickly cover what you are actually known for, and that’s your chance to get a plug in!

I have to be honest, this podcast is a little bit selfish for me. I get to have interesting conversations with interesting people, but then I do share it with the world! The funny thing about podcasts is often you’re just listening to a conversation between some people, but that is actually interesting! 

If you really hate what we come up with, we don’t have to release it, but I’m pretty confident you will enjoy your experience. I don’t edit these podcasts myself, because listening to a conversation over and over again, that you were already part of is not very exiting, even if it’s been a great conversation.

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