Unusual Conversations

What do you usually not get to talk about?

Behind The Mic

Dan Faulknor

Show Host

Dan (27, yes really) is a serial podcaster and a business owner. How he gets time for sleep is anyone’s guess. He started podcasting in 2005 with “The Daniel and Gemma show” to go along with a blog he was doing with a friend. Unfortunately, those archives have been lost. After a few more attempts over the years at podcasting, he has now been podcasting consistently since 2015. He works more than full time on his IT business and in what little free time he has, apart from spending time with his wife, he writes software, takes photos and plays the piano.

About The Show

This podcast asks one simple question; What do you usually not get to talk about? So many interview shows focus on what the guest is known for, but this podcast focuses on what the guest is not so well known for, as well as some general questions to break the ice! 

Sound interesting? Give it a listen, and then listen out at the end for how you can be on the show!

Anyone is welcome to be on the show and to give you a shortcut, you can go here to sign up to be a guest.

The podcast was inspired by a particular episode of TCBI Questions, the prior form of this interview podcast. You can still listen to all the old episodes here.

As the show went on, Dan found that it was more interesting to get people to answer questions outside of the area they were “known” for, so thus Unusual Conversations was born.

Dan doesn’t edit the podcasts himself, because that’s the worst part about podcasting.